Welcome to the Emerginov community web site

The Emerginov solution consists in a PHP toolkit to quickly develop mobile micro services. A micro service is a simple mobile service bridging mobile users to the richnesses of the Internet. The Emerginov solution is not an application shop but can be considered as an operator back end API shop. It concentrates in one place the web hosting, the database storage, the Telecom access API (e.g. SMS) and the media server. The developers can create Telco-web services over the top of the local operators by coding few lines of PHP.

Originally Emerginov had been designed to help developers in emerging countries. The idea was to provide a all-in-one toolkit to develop vocal kiosk, web and SMS based services.

The Emerginov project was born in Orange laboratories in 2010. The decision to open the code was taken in 2012.
Several academic entities such as the University of Technology of Mauritius, ESMT or UCAD in Dakar already contributed to the evolution of the solution and constitute the seeds of the community.

OW2con'13 awarded Talend (Market), Nanoko (Innovation), X-Wiki (techno council) and Emerginov (community) projects