The Emerginov community core team aka "Emerginovateurs"


You may find and contact them on G+, twitter or Facebook.

Emerginov Bénin

  • Franck Arnoldk (E-all)

Emerginov Breizh

  • D.Blaisonneau aka "puppet master", the architect of the Emerginov solution, awarded best "We are the World" geek singer in swimming pool
  • B.Hérard aka "daddy nursery", a ever young crazy developer controlling his CMV with web services and playing with kites all around the world. Any question on life, he knows a web service to get the answer, wich will be 42 anyway.
  • B.Le Lamer aka "indespensible black cat", without him, no network connectivity and without connectiviy no way. He still can speak Q931, could you?
  • A.Morin aka "SDKakhanoviste", the baby of the team - just married - he developed the web services, the scripts, the SDK and probably most of the rest.
  • M.Richomme aka "the big boss" because he does not do much things at the end but he accepts to write the documents the other members of team do not care to write.

Emerginov Cameroon

  • G.E.Kouamou (LIRIMA)

Emerginov Côte d'Ivoire

  • F.Youzan (Africaworkers)

Emerginov Mali

  • I.Fadiga (Yɛlɛman)

Emerginov Senegal

  • C.Tidiane Diop (Sonatel)
  • L.Ahouansou (MobileSenegal, SenMobile)

Emerginov Togo

  • E.Alomatsi (WɔɛLab)
  • E.Amemassovor (WɔɛLab)