How do I fork an existing project

It shall be possible to develop a function to be as simple as the fork me on github

Until a volunteer did it, the procedure to for can be described as follow:

Let's assume you want to fork A towards B

  • create a B project using the traditional way through your self-care page
  • get the (empty) code of project B on your machine: svn co https://svn.<your_emerginov>/projects/B B
  • export project A code to your machine: svn export https://svn.<your_emerginov>/projects/A /tmp
  • remove the passwords.php from the exported project A directory rm /tmp/A/trunk/web/passwords.php
  • retrieve MySQL base => connection with project A creds on phpmyadmin => export SQL => save SQL export in A.sql
  • connect on Project B base with phpmyadmin => import A.sql
  • mv A files to B directory mv -Rf /tmp/A/trunk/web/* B/trunk/web/
  • add B files to svn repository svn svn add *
  • commit new B files svn ci -m "fork project A"
  • deploy project B from the self-care