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Installation Guide

As the installation consists mainly on the integration of many components, we used puppet to manage the installation.

See Installation Guide

User guide

The user guide will detail how to work with Emerginov, from your source code on your machine to the up&running service. It will detail how to manage the source code, and the 3 main components of the emerginov platform:

  • web hosting
  • API (mainly for telecom access bearer)
  • media services

See User Guide

The Emerginov platform simplifies the access to APIs thanks to a PHP library. This library is fully described in the SDK guide.

Admin guide

The administration guide aims to provide the different actions an Emerginov Administrator has to do (validate a project, validate a user, configure a PSTN line,...). The first version is very basic and does not include supervision tools. The administration interface is only used for basic admin operations.

See Admin Guide

Forum, bug tracker & mailing list

Emerginov forum

Bug Tracker